If you have lost keys or had keys stolen it is essential that you have your locks changed straight away.

Keys are often lost or stolen along with I.D containing your name and address.

Your Locksmiths are aware of this and we will give your case priority, we aim to be with you within 45 minutes.

We stock all types of locks and can change them for you at an affordable price.

We Are Ready To Help You!
Rim Cylinders

Rim Cylinders often known as 'Yale Locks' are usually fitted on wooden doors but also fitted to aluminium doors and older double glazed doors.

Euro Cylinders

Euro Cylinders are usually installed on UPVC or aluminium doors. It is essential that the correct length cylinder is fitted as the wrong length cylinder can easily
be defeated by a burglar.

Your Locksmiths carry all sizes of these locks.

Deadlocks & Sashlocks

Deadlocks or Sashlocks are usually fitted in wood doors but sometimes fitted to UPVC or aluminium doors. If a Deadlock or Sashlock is fitted to an external door it should be a BS3621 British Standard lock, most home insurance policies will not pay out in the event of a burglary if these locks are not fitted.


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